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DIY Windshield Maintenance

Maintaining your windshield is easier than you may think.

Simple, routine maintenance can keep your windshield in good condition, and can help to ensure that it does its job of keeping your vision clean and clear.

Keep your windshield in great shape with these simple windshield maintenance tips.

Windshield Wipers
Replacing the windshield wipers is a relatively simple job that can make a big difference to your windshield. New windshield wipers can help improve your visibility while driving, but did you know that windshield wipers affect more than visibility? Old windshield wipers tend to collect dirt, which can scratch the windshield. By replacing windshield wipers if they are worn, you can prevent debris from scratching your windshield.

Wiper Fluid
Windshield wiper fluid, while it might not sound like a big deal, is important for visibility. These days, it is easy to keep your windshield clear and clean. By topping off your windshield wiper fluid, you will never be caught without the ability to clean your windshield. During the winter months, it is especially important to make sure you add windshield fluid and not just water, as windshield wiper fluid doesn’t freeze, and can actually help break up the ice on your windshield.

Window Treatment
Applying a window rain treatment to your windshield is a preference that some people have. A window treatment is known to help keep your windshield clear from streaks and cloudiness when it rains. Some prefer window rain treatments more than others, so give it a try and see if it works for you and your windshield.

Window Chip Prevention and Repairs
Driving slower on gravel roads, not following too close to other vehicles, and avoiding potholes are a few easy ways to help avoid getting chips in your windshield.

While you can't always prevent chips and cracks, you can take measures to have the chips repaired as soon as you get them, to prevent the tiny chips from turning into bigger cracks.

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